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Louise Mather is a poet from Northern England. You can find her on Twitter @lm2020uk and her work is published or forthcoming in magazines such as Fly on the Wall Press, streetcake magazine, The Cabinet of Heed, Hecate Magazine, Crow & Cross Keys, Dust Poetry Magazine, Idle Ink, Not Deer Magazine, Nymphs, Odd Magazine, Blue Moon Poetry, Coven Poetry and Lanke Review. Her artwork has appeared in Versification alongside her poem “Menstruous” and she was recently longlisted for the Norman Nicholson Lockdown Poetry Competition, published in the anthology The Unpredicted Spring. She writes about ancestry, rituals, endometriosis, fatigue and mental health, and is editor of the cat-themed anthology Feline Utopia.

You can read an interview on the MumWrite blog here: