Misty Sunbeams


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An anthology of cat poetry, artwork and photographs. WARNING: CAT POEMS Some pieces contain themes of loss, grief, violence, mental health, and other dark/unsettling elements.

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Feline Utopia Anthology 2021: Additional descriptions for photographs and artwork can be found here:



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Cat's Nose


Calling all cat poets - I'm putting together an online anthology for 2021 with a theme of cats - open for submissions now.

Please interpret the theme however you like. I want to read it all - joy, companionship, wonder, dark, mystical, gothic, grief, loss - the whole nine lives. It would be lovely to bring poems together from all around the world and you don't have to stop there - kittens in space, portals, alternate universes, time travelling mogs, strays and all wild cats welcome.

Please send 1-3 unpublished poems and any accompanying photographs/artwork to felineutopiaanthology@gmail.com

Yawning Cat

Each poem should be no longer than 2 pages.

For flash fiction, prose, short story or hybrid please send 1 piece (approx under 1 page).

Any font is fine - if in doubt, Times New Roman 12pt single spaced. Please send any artwork/photography in JPG files.

Simultaneous submissions are fine - just let me know if they are accepted elsewhere. I aim to reply to all submissions within three months but hope to reply much more quickly.
Submissions close end of February 2021.

You retain the rights to any pieces published. Please credit Feline Utopia Anthology in any future publications. Submissions are free. Unfortunately I can't offer payment at this time.

Aiming for online publication Spring 2021. Please be reassured I will do everything to respect writers and artists. There will never be any charges.

If you would like to please include a bio in a cover note - tell me as much or as little as you want to about you and your feline friends. I would especially like to hear from new and emerging writers and under-represented voices. I look forward to reading your submissions.

Any questions, please feel free to message.